Online Dental Health Games for Kids

Online Dental Health Games for Kids

I can’t believe February is almost here!  While most people think of hearts and valentines when they think of February, another teaching focus that month for lower elementary is dental health.  Last year, I create a dental health unit to use with my son, who was five at the time.   I posted about some of the dental health videos we watched during that unit, but I also wanted to share with you some online dental health games for kids.

I searched high and low online to find dental health games that fit the following criteria:  meaningful, engaging, and easy enough for a young child to play by themselves.  Most kids are learning about dental health in the preK to first grade range and I wanted to find games they could play on their own.  These games would be great to use as a center activity or something that early finishers might get to do.

Here are the games I rounded up:

Healthy Mouth Match Up

Online dental health games for kids

Memory/concentration type game where kids match dental objects. Has multiple levels and each level adds a few more items.

Brush Those Teeth

online dental health games for kids

A cute Sesame Street game where kids brush monsters’ teeth.

Dr. Rabbit’s Dental Office Tree House

Online dental health games for kids

Kids help dress Dr. Rabbit and pack his dental bag.

Visit the Dentist with Marty

Online dental health games for kids

American Dental Association game that takes kids through a trip to the dentist.

Online Coloring Page

Find the Toothbrushes

Toothpaste Maze

online dental health games for kids

These last three games are all from The online coloring page allows kids to choose a color, click on the part of the picture they want to be that color, and then it fills it in.  Find the Toothbrushes is a seek-and-find game where kids look for hidden toothbrushes in the picture. Finally, in Toothpaste Maze, kids use the arrow keys to move through the maze of toothpaste to the other side.

You can access these games from the links above or I’ve also compiled them all into a pdf file.  You can open the pdf file on your computer and then kids can click on the pictures or the descriptions to open up the games.  I thought this might come in handy in a classroom setting if you’re using this as a center or early finisher activity.  You can have it pulled up and kids can click on which games they would like to play.  You can download the pdf by clicking on the picture below.

Online dental health games for kids

If you’re interested in age-appropriate dental health videos for kids, you can find my suggestions here. In that post, you can download a printable QR code sheet with links to all the videos.

You can also find more ideas for a dental health unit by checking out my dental health theme page.

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