Human Body Activities: The Heart

Kids learn what an amazing muscle the heart is in this fun activity.

During our study of the human body, we did this fun activity to demonstrate just what an amazing muscle the heart is! I think your kids will love it, too! Materials needed:   2 large dishpans, buckets, or bowls 1 gallon of water (1.3 gallons to be specific!) a 1/4 cup measuring cup watch or timer […]

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Human Body Books for Kids

A list of human body books for kids

  I made a trip to our local library recently in search of some anchor texts to use for our human body systems unit. We didn’t quite check out all of these (I wish we could have!), but below you’ll find 20 human body books for kids that would be the perfect for kindergarten to […]

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Easter Math Activities

As Easter approaches, I wanted to incorporate some themed activities into math for both my kiddos.  With one in second grade and one in pre-K , I had to come up with a wide range of activities and I wanted to keep the materials and prep time minimal.  I decided to just use plastic Easter […]

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