15 Children’s Books About Snow

Looking for books about snow to incorporate into your lessons? Amazon.com Widgets  Any of these books would be a delightful read to your students!   A fun follow-up activity to reading any of these books would be to grow your own snowflake crystals as detailed in this experiment by Steve Spangler Science. His site even […]

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CVC Activities for First Grade

A fun and hands-on way for first grade students to practice reading and writing CVC words this winter is to build them with snowballs! Materials: ping pong balls permanent marker half dozen egg carton (or a regular egg carton) Take ping pong balls and write letters or place letter stickers on them. Use these “snowballs” […]

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Winter Math Activity

Would your kids love to have an indoor snowball fight?  They can with this fun winter math activity! Materials: Snowball Fight game boards mini marshmallows Directions: Kids take turns throwing snowballs (marshmallows) at each other.  They play this “Battleship” inspired game by calling out places on their game board grid. When a player correctly guesses […]

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