Simple Space Art Project

We did several art projects during our study of space last week.   We painted cool sun pictures, made the Earth from a coffee filter, and the moon out of playdoh. I think the one project my son enjoyed the most was the simplest:  drawing a space scene on black construction paper with oil pastels. Oil […]

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Parts of a Tooth Play-doh Model

Create a model of a tooth using play-doh. A great dental health activity for kids.

When I was teaching dental health to my son a couple of weeks ago, I wanted him to learn the basic parts of a tooth.  I wanted him to understand that there’s more to a tooth than what we can see in our mouths.  But I wasn’t sure how well as a 5 year old […]

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Dental Health: A Week-Long Unit for K-1

A week-long dental health unit for kindergarten and first grade. Detailed lesson plans include book suggestions, literacy and math activities, art, and more!

My kiddos are so excited that Valentine’s Day is this week!  We’re having a Valentine party on Tuesday with some other homeschool families (at Chuckie Cheese’s…thanks to our street still being icy!) and they just can’t wait. This month is not just about hearts and cupids, though.  It’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Each […]

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Dental Health Craft for Kids

Students create a self portrait brushing their teeth, complete with puffy paint toothpaste!

Here’s a cute and fun craft to compliment your dental health unit this month: Have students create a self-portrait of them brushing their teeth! Materials needed: construction paper crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils scissors Elmer’s glue (liquid) glue stick shaving cream Directions: Using construction paper, students cut out the shapes for their face, hair, hand, […]

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Valentine’s Day Mini Heart-shaped Pizzas

These mini cheese pizzas are a lunch staple in our house. They are super easy to make and just the perfect size for kids. My secret? They’re made out of small pitas! I actually saw this idea on The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout – Xbox 360 game of all places. One of the tips that […]

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