Earth Lift-the-Flap Printable Template FREEBIE

Earth Template Free Printable

When we were studying outer space last week, we discussed how remarkably unique Earth is from all the other planets in our solar system.  As an extension activity, my son colored a picture of the Earth and then we cut it open into fourths so that there were flaps to lift once he glued it to the paper.  Under each flap, I had him draw and write about something that makes the Earth special.  His answers were: trees, people, animals, and water.

Earth template printable FREEBIE

 This simple writing activity could easily be adapted to all the other planets as well.  You could have your students draw and/or color the other planets, cut them open to create flaps, and then write about the planets underneath.  They could be put together into a great book or interactive notebook about the solar system.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, students could use this same concept to display facts about Earth Day, ways to protect the Earth, or any other similar information.

Earth template printable FREEBIE

Earth template printable FREEBIE

 I’ve created 3 different templates that could be used for these activities: “Our Amazing Earth”, “Protecting Planet Earth”, and a blank template where your students can add any title.  You can download them for FREE by right clicking HERE  and saving the file to your computer by choosing “Save Link As”.  This file is best viewed, saved, and printed in the latest version of Adobe Reader.  If you want to use this template in a composition notebook as part of an interactive notebook, you can simply reduce the size on your copying machine to make it smaller.


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