Greater Than Less Than Lessons for First Grade

  Comparing numbers in K/1 using the greater than, less than symbols can be challenging!  Young students often confuse the symbols and struggle with the concept.  These three Greater Than, Less Than lessons for kindergarten and first grade will help you teach your students how to confidently compare numbers. Use these lesson ideas with your […]

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Fun Greater Than Less Than Activities

Comparing numbers doesn’t have to be boring.  Here are five fun greater than less than activities your kids will love.  They make easy, low-prep math centers, too! Greater Than Less Than Stamp Do you have an alphabet stamp set?  If you have one with a letter “v” that isn’t too fancy, use it as a […]

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2D Shapes Activities for Kindergarten

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend.  Read my full disclosure statement. One day in math recently it became very clear to me that we needed to brush up on 2D shapes.  Circles, triangles, and some of the easier shapes were no problem. However, shapes like a pentagon, hexagon, trapezoid and others that […]

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Egg Carton Math Games First Grade

Egg Carton Math Games for First Grade. Perfect for Math Centers!

Many elementary teachers use math centers in their classrooms.  They’re fun and engaging ways to review math concepts or extend instruction.  However, it’s often time consuming to put them together, and they usually only cover one math skill. Here’s an easy solution:  Make 22 math centers in a matter of minutes using something I’m pretty sure you have sitting […]

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Place Value Games for First Grade

Place Value Games 1st Grade

I love incorporating games into math as much as possible.  Who doesn’t love playing games, right?!  But the problem with games is that they often require quite a bit of prep work for us teachers.  I’ve been trying to come up with some that require little to no preparation to use.  I’m so excited to […]

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Number Sight Words

Fun Ways to Teach Number Sight Words Without Worksheets

This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend.  Read my full disclosure statement. Very early on in our math curriculum I knew my kids were going to need to know their number sight words pretty quickly. They were required to read and write numbers in words right off the bat and that’s hard to […]

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Graphing Game Printable

Bug Hunt Graphing Game Printable- A fun graphing activity for an insect unit!

Here’s a fun graphing game printable that is perfect for an insect unit or to use when students are learning to graph.  Students move around the game board, collect bugs on their hunt, and graph their results! Materials: Going on a Bug Hunt game board game pieces (buttons, coins, etc.) paper clip pencil bug hunt […]

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