Parts of a Tooth Diagram

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend.  Read my full disclosure statement. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Learning the parts of a tooth is an important part to understanding dental care. While we can’t open up a tooth and look inside, kids can draw a parts of a tooth diagram for […]

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Parts of a Tooth Play-doh Model

Create a model of a tooth using play-doh. A great dental health activity for kids.

When I was teaching dental health to my son a couple of weeks ago, I wanted him to learn the basic parts of a tooth.  I wanted him to understand that there’s more to a tooth than what we can see in our mouths.  But I wasn’t sure how well as a 5 year old […]

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Dental Health Craft for Kids

February is Dental Health month.  It’s a great time to schedule a trip to the dentist or have a dentist come and talk to your class.  Here’s a fun dental health craft for kids that they’ll love do to this month: Have them create a portrait of themselves brushing their teeth.  Add puffy paint toothpaste […]

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