Light Videos for Kids

I’ve gathered a collection of light videos for kids that are perfect to use during your light unit. They’re great to introduce, teach or review some of the main concepts students need to know about light energy. Light Sources This video explains how light helps us see, what light sources are and what happens when […]

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Spider Videos for Kids

Spider Videos for Kids | Spider Activities | Spider Unit

I find that children are full of questions about spiders.  Their curious minds long to know more about these fuzzy, frightening creatures:  Is a spider a bug? How do they spin webs?  Do all spiders spin webs?  Well, I’ve compiled a list of spider videos for kids to answer some of their most common questions! […]

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Insect Videos for Kids

A collection of insect videos for kids that are perfect for your bug unit!

This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend.  Read my full disclosure statement. As we studied about insects, I searched YouTube again for engaging, high-quality videos that would complement our unit. I was looking for videos that explain insect traits and characteristics, as well as videos about specific insects.  Here is a small sample […]

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