Light Videos for Kids

I’ve gathered a collection of light videos for kids that are perfect to use during your light unit. They’re great to introduce, teach or review some of the main concepts students need to know about light energy.

Light Sources

This video explains how light helps us see, what light sources are and what happens when there is no light. After watching it, have students look around the room to see what light sources they can find!

Transparent, Translucent and Opaque Objects

Students learn what happens when light shines on things in this video. The vocabulary words transparent, translucent, opaque and shadows are explained through a demonstration with real world objects. After watching the video, have students hold up different items to a light source to see what happens when the light shines on them.

Light Spectrum

Students might be surprised to learn that white light is actually made of different colors. Billy Blue Hair and his dog, Doogie, teach students how sunlight and water create a rainbow.

Try creating a rainbow on the wall using a CD or DVD. Hold the back of the it towards the direct sunlight coming in a window. Move and tilt the CD/DVD until the sunlight reflects off of it onto the wall and a rainbow appears. 

This fun, interactive song helps students remember the colors of the rainbow.

Communicating with Light and Sound

It’s important for students to think about how we use light and sound to communicate. This video does a fantastic job introducing the concept and giving everyday examples.

Do you use a special sound throughout the day to communicate something to your students? For example, do you clap to get their attention or use a whistle at recess? Does a bell ring at the beginning and end of the school day?  Discuss what special sounds you hear at your school and what those sounds communicate to students and teachers.

Light Experiments for Kids

Kids will love watching JoJo conduct ten different light experiments. See if you can even try one or two of them, too!


After learning about light sources, students might enjoy learning about animals that produce their own light. They probably already know about fireflies, but they’ll be fascinated to learn that there are several ocean creatures that produce their own light, too!


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