Polar Bear STEAM Activity

Design a Den Polar Bear STEAM Activity

All bears hibernate during winter, right? Not quite! Polar bears don’t hibernate in winter. In fact, male and non pregnant female polar bears stay active all winter long. Pregnant female polar bears, however, do build a den where they birth and raise their cubs for the first three months of their lives. Challenge students to […]

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Penguin STEM Activities

Two fun penguin STEM activities for kids: penguin belly slides and tobogganing races #penguins #penguinskids #winteractivitiesforkids #stem

Penguins love to toboggan, or slide, on their bellies.  It’s faster and not to mention more fun than waddling along the ice all day.  Here are two penguin STEM activities about tobogganing to get your students creating and building this winter. They’re perfect for young learners just getting started with STEM. Both STEM challenges use […]

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Easy Polar Bear Cookies

Kids will love making these easy polar bear cookies during a polar bear or arctic animal study this winter!

This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend. Read my full disclosure statement. Here’s a fun, no-bake recipe for these easy polar bear cookies. All you need is four ingredients and a few minutes to make them! Polar Bear Cookie Ingredients cream filled cookies (Mega Stuffed or Double Stuffed Oreos work best) mini marshmallows mini […]

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Winter Phonics Worksheets: Making Words

Free Winter Word Work Printables

When I taught public school, our school used the Four Blocks Literacy Model for reading and writing.  The four blocks are guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words (phonics).  One of the activities both my students and I always enjoyed was simply called “Making Words”.  Students were given a big word (which was […]

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Textured Snowman Craft

Adorable textured snowman craft for kids

  Friday is art day around here and with temperatures in the single digits last week, what better art project to make than a snowman?!  I’m so excited to share this textured snowman craft with you. The snowman looks so real that you almost feel like it’s made of snow! Materials: Construction paper or cardstock (Colors: […]

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Nonfiction Children’s Books About Snow

Children are sponges.  They love soaking up new information, especially about things that already interest them and what kid doesn’t like snow?!   They will love learning as they read through these nonfiction children’s books about snow: Amazon.com Widgets A favorite of many?  Snowflake Bentley. It a beautiful biography of Wilson Bentley whose love of […]

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