How to Build a Snowman Writing Activity

Free How to Build a Snowman Writing Activity for Kids

If you don’t have any snow outside to build a snowman, you can still make an adorable one inside! This How to Build a Snowman Writing Activity is a fun way to practice how-to writing this winter. All it takes to make this six-page booklet is only one sheet of paper. Let me show you how!

How to Build a Snowman Song

If your students are unfamiliar with building a snowman, you might want to go over the steps before they write. The Snowman Freeze song goes through the process of building a snowman and gets kids up and moving. It’s a fun activity to do prior to writing or for a brain break.

How to Build a Snowman Writing Activity


  • book templates
  • black and orange construction paper
  • construction paper color of your choice
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • pencil


Print the writing templates front-to-back. The words “first, next” should be on the left side of the back of the page.

Next, fold the paper in half vertically. Open it up and then fold it in half horizontally. Open it back up again. There should now be vertical and horizontal creases through the center.

Then, cut along the creased horizontal line on the right-hand side above the snowman’s eyes.  Stop cutting at the center of the paper.   

Fold the paper in half horizontally one last time. 

Then, fold this half sheet of paper in half vertically so that the snowman is on the front. The finished booklet size is ¼ of a piece of printer paper. 

How to Build a Snowman Writing Activity for Kids

After that, print the hat template on black paper and cut out. Glue it to the top of the snowman.

Cut a small triangle from orange paper and glue it under the eyes.

Print the scarf template on colored paper and cut out. Cut fringe at the end of the smaller scarf piece. Glue the longer scarf piece across the front between the nose and buttons, gluing the smaller scarf piece vertically beneath it.

Finally, open the booklet and write or draw the steps for building a snowman. The page order of the book once assembled is:

  1. Snowman Cover
  2. First
  3. Next
  4. Then
  5. After that
  6. Last

I love to have students make little books! They’re perfect to send home with students so they can read them to their family and friends.

More Snow & Snowman Activities

This little booklet is part of my Snow and Snowman Unit for kindergarten and first grade. It’s a week-long unit with detailed lesson plans just for you! Students learn about how snow is made, why each snowflake is unique, how snow affects people, and more. It includes a STEM challenge, art, math, literacy and links to videos as well.

You can download the FREE templates to make the snowman booklet by clicking on the link below.


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