Winter Emergent Reader for Kindergarten

This winter emergent reader for kindergarten is one of the first products I created when I started my TPT store. I recently gave it a complete makeover with new clip art and added a digital version in Google Slides, too. Let me give you a sneak peak of this FREE resource!

Print Emergent Reader

Winter Emergent Reader Free

The simple, predictable text focuses on the number words one through ten. On each page with a number word, students draw that amount of snowballs. They may use a pencil, crayon or marker to make them.

Winter Emergent Reader Free

Digital Emergent Reader

Winter Emergent Reader for Kindergarten

In the Google Slides digital version, students drag and drop snowballs from the right to match the amount on each page. They click on “PRESENT” to read the book full screen once all the pages are complete.

Winter Emergent Reader for Kindergarten Free

Here’s a math tie-in you can use with the digital version of the emergent reader: There are ten snowballs on the right side of each slide. Ask students to write a subtraction sentence to show how many snowballs are left once they move the snowballs to the picture.

For example, they write 10-8=2 for this slide of the reader.

Download the Winter Emergent Readers

This FREE resource is available in my TPT store. Click on the picture below to download the file. There is a link to the Google Slides digital version within the pdf file. When you click on the link, it will ask you to make a copy of the file in your Google Drive account. Once you make a copy and save it, you can assign the file to your students.

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