Seven Continents Song

Students will know the names of all seven continents in no time with this fun song.

Right before the Christmas break, we wrapped up a huge thematic unit I created on animals. We were taken on a fun adventure around the world by Bert the Animal Expert, where we learned about a different animal group on each continent.  We studied amphibians, reptiles, spiders, mammals, insects, fish, and birds. We also learned a little about each continent along the way.  To help my kids remember the names of the seven continents and their locations, I came up with this Seven Continents Song.  It’s sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”.


With this continents song, students can look at the map on the printable and move along from left to right as they sing.  It’s a simple, quick little song that easily helped my kiddos know the names of all seven continents.

You can download this seven continents songs printable by clicking on the above picture.  If you’re interested in some instrumental music to the tune of “Ten Little Indians” to use with this song, Making Music Fun has an mp3 clip you could play as your students sing.

Also included in the file is a little fact sheet that I made up as a resource for this unit with just a few bits of information about each continent. It tells about each continent’s population, how many countries are found on the continent, what languages are spoken there, and a few fun or interesting facts about things special to just that continent.  For example, did you know that North America has the highest dog population of all the continents or that Antarctica is considered a desert because it gets such little rain?  My kids really enjoyed these small nuggets of information!

Do you teach the seven continents to your students?  Do you have any fun songs or catchy sayings to help them remember their names? I’d love to hear how you teach your students about all seven continents!


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