Sound Videos for Kids

Sound Videos for Kids

How are sounds made? Can you see sound waves? These sound videos for kids answer those questions and more. There are also several videos of sound experiments that students can try out, too!

What is Sound?

SciShow Kids does an excellent job explaining how vibrations create sound as they move through the air and reach our ears as sound waves. It uses great visuals and demonstrations to show exactly how it works.

This video focuses on the concept that sound is a type of energy and comes from sound sources. It gives examples of different types of sounds and has students identify sounds. After watching the video, have students make a list of sounds they hear all around them. What sounds do they hear at school, at home or outside?

Learn how vibrations make sounds in this video, as well as watch several demonstrations that show sound waves in action.

Sound Experiments

Grab a cereal box, a large rubber band and two markers and follow this video to create different sounds using vibrations. The video also demonstrates two more sound experiments.

All you need are decorative sprinkles, a bowl and plastic wrap to see sound waves. This simple experiment is a huge hit with kids!

This video not only walks you through the steps of making a string telephone, but it does a fantastic job explaining how it works. Kids will love making them and using them to talk to each other!

Fun Science Demos show students how fast vibrations create a high pitch sound, and slow vibrations make a low pitch. After the video, gather empty water bottles and some water. Have students repeat his demonstration for making high and low pitch sounds by blowing over the top.


Bats are one of several animals that use sound to help them locate objects. This video explains how bats emit sounds and listen for their echo to know the distance and size of an objects, as well as how fast they’re moving.

More Light and Sound Ideas

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