Insect Videos for Kids

A collection of insect videos for kids that are perfect for your bug unit!
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A collection of insect videos for kids that are perfect for your bug unit!

As we studied about insects, I searched YouTube again for engaging, high-quality videos that would complement our unit. I was looking for videos that explain insect traits and characteristics, as well as videos about specific insects.  Here is a small sample of what I found.  You can find all thirty-three videos on my Insect Videos for Kids playlist on YouTube.

What is an Insect?

SciShow for Kids has fantastic science videos for kids.  In this “Inspect an Insect” video, kids learn three traits of insects that  help them tell insects apart from other animals. (K-3)

Students learn about insects, different kinds of insects, and how insects differ from spiders in this seven minute video.  (K-1)

This short video teaches young learners about insects and how they’re different from spiders.  (K-1)


SciShow for Kids is a favorite go-to source for me.  This video explains metamorphosis in a kid-friendly way and is great to include when studying insects or life cycles.

This time-lapsed video of a caterpillar going through complete metamorphosis is amazing!  A must-see for kids of all ages.  (K-6)

Harry Kindergarten’s fantastic song that teaches kids the stages of metamorphosis and the butterfly life cycle. (K-3)


Young students learn about bees, types of bees, and how bees make honey in this short video. (K-2)

A young girl interviews a scientist to learn about why bees are important in this Earth Rangers’ video. (K-3)

This video is fascinating!  Learn about the honey bee dance as you go inside a hive to learn about the roles of different bees. (2-6)


I had a hard time finding great quality videos about ladybugs, but this short video is a nice introduction.  It talks about the most common type of ladybug, the habitats in which they live, and how ladybugs can be colors other than red.

Other Interesting Insect Videos

Did you know that the eggs and larvae of the firefly can glow? I didn’t!  Learn about the fascinating firefly and how it glows in this awesome video. (1-4)

Students might be curious to learn why mosquito bites itch.  They’ll learn the answer in this video! (1-4)

While not specifically about insects, this short video about mimicry uses the owl butterfly, drone fly, and painted locust border beetle as some of the examples.  (1-4)

These videos are great for visual learners.  They can be used as a lesson introduction, review, a center activity, or for early finishers. I hope they enhance your students’ understanding of insects!


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