Ocean Videos for Kids

Kids love learning about the ocean and are often full of questions about it.  These ocean videos for kids are a great place to find the answers!

How deep is the ocean? How many oceans are there? Why is it salty? Students always seem to enjoy learning about the ocean and might have a lot of questions about it. These ocean videos for kids are the perfect place to find the answers.

Oceans of the World

Although technically one large body of water, geographers divided the water into five different regions, or oceans. Help students remember the names of all five oceans by learning this cute song!

This is a great video to use if you want students to go a little deeper than just learning ocean names and locations. The almost nine minute video begins with an overview of oceans in general. It then presents the oceans in order from largest to smallest and shares lots of interesting information about them. It wraps up by touching on ocean pollution.

Ocean Zones

Students learn about three ocean zones (sunlight, twilight, midnight) from ocean expert, Dr. Irene Stanella. She lists characteristics of each zone and types of animals found there.

What’s it like in the deepest part of the ocean? Learn more about the Mariana Trench in this SciShow Kids video. It discusses the amount of light, water temperature and pressure at these depths. It also highlights several unusual animals specially adapted to live there.

Why is the Ocean Salty?

Kids may wonder why the ocean is so salty. This short video provides an easy to understand explanation of how salt gets into the ocean.

Coral Reefs

Jonathan Bird hosts an award-winning science program called Jonathan Bird’s Blue World. In this video, he does an amazing job explaining the coral reef ecosystem. He spends a little time at the end talking about zooxanthellae. This is the bacteria that live inside coral and give them their color. It might be helpful to discuss this further with younger students after watching the video.

Learn about the world’s largest coral reef system located off the coast of Australia. This video also touches on how ocean pollution threatens coral reefs and ways to help the ocean.

Ocean Pollution

One of the Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarten is that students understand human impact on the environment and discuss solutions to reduce that impact. Learning about ocean pollution and talking about how to reduce it is one way to meet this standard.

This adorable three-minute short film is a great introduction for kids to ocean pollution and the impact it has on ocean life.

Students learn more about plastic and how plastic ending up in the ocean hurts marine life. It also gives a few ideas for how to reuse and recycle it.

Ocean Videos for Kids Playlist

If you’re interested in more ocean videos for kids, be sure to check out my playlist. It includes 40 ocean themed videos I’ve personally watched and vetted. It has many videos about specific ocean animals, too!

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