Spider Videos for Kids

Spider Videos for Kids | Spider Activities | Spider Unit

Spider Videos for Kids | Spider Activities | Spider Unit

I find that children are full of questions about spiders.  Their curious minds long to know more about these fuzzy, frightening creatures:  Is a spider a bug? How do they spin webs?  Do all spiders spin webs?  Well, I’ve compiled a list of spider videos for kids to answer some of their most common questions!

Is a Spider a Bug?

Many young children think bugs and spiders are the same thing. Here are two great videos to help them learn to tell the difference:

Since many kids are afraid of spiders, they also think they’re bad.  I love that this video also explains why we need spiders.

How Do Spiders Spin Webs?

This amazing time lapse video shows a garden orb spider spin a web from start to finish.

Why Don’t Spiders Stick to Their Webs?

This video provides three reasons why spiders don’t stick to their webs, along with several ways spiders use their silk.

Do All Spiders Spin Webs?

Kids might be surprised to learn that not all spiders spin webs.  Some spiders hunt and catch their food in different ways.

Wolf spiders build a burrow and wait inside for their prey to come by.  They run out, grab it, and drag it back inside.

Similarly, the trapdoor spider lives in a burrow in the ground.  It’s trapdoor camouflages and hides it from unsuspecting prey.

The diving bell spider spends its entire life underwater, catching and eating its prey in an air bubble.

Crab spiders camouflage themselves as the sit on flowers and wait for their prey.  When an insect lands on the flower, they simply grab it and eat it.

What is the Biggest Spider in the World?

The Goliath Birdeater Tarantula is the largest spider in the world.  Found in South America, it’s body can be up to 4.75 inches long and it’s leg span almost 11 inches.

Kids are always fascinated by tarantulas in general, so here’s another video that tells more about them.

More Spider Videos for Kids

These questions of some of the ones we discuss in our week-long spider unit. If your students have more questions or want to watch and learn more about spiders, be sure to check my spider videos for kids playlist with over 25 videos!


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