Mayflower Craft Template

Moving Mayflower Craft for Kids #firstthanksgiving #thanksgivingcrafts

Moving Mayflower Craft for Kids #firstthanksgiving #thanksgivingcrafts

Paper plates and popsicle sticks create a moving Mayflower craft your students will love. It’s a great craft to do when learning about the Pilgrims or the first Thanksgiving.  Want to take the craft a step further?  Have students write a few sentences about the Mayflower or the Pilgrim’s journey on the back of the plate.


  • 9 inch white paper plate
  • blue construction paper
  • Mayflower templates
  • craft stick (popsicle stick)
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • tape
  • crayons or markers
  • optional: watercolors and paint brush


  1. Cut a line across the center of the inside circle of the plate.  Do not cut to the plate’s edge. 
  2. Color the top half of the paper plate above the long horizontal line you cut.  Use crayons, markers, or watercolors.Moving Mayflower Craft for Kids #firstthanksgiving #thanksgivingcrafts
  3. Tear blue construction paper into long strips.
  4. Glue the strips onto the bottom half of the plate, overlapping them.  Make sure the cut across the plate remains open.
  5. Turn the plate over and trim off the excess construction paper.
  6. Color and cut out the Mayflower ship.  Tape it to one end of a craft stick.
  7. Place the craft stick down in the hole in the plate.
  8. Move the ship by sliding the craft stick back and forth.

Download the Mayflower Craft Template

Click on the link above to download the Mayflower craft template to make this craft.

First Thanksgiving Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade

This craft is part of my First Thanksgiving Unit or kindergarten and first grade.  The week-long comprehensive unit includes detailed daily lesson plans with literature suggestions. It incorporates reading, writing, math, history, handwriting, and art. It also includes a STEM activity and links to videos that complement the unit study. Click on the picture above to read more about it!

First Thanksgiving Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade #firstthanksgiving


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