Winter Graphing Game for First Grade

How many snowballs can your students stack in 1 minute?

Find out in this fun winter graphing game for first grade!

Speed Stackers: A Winter Graphing Game for First Grade

Winter Math Activity- Speed Stackers


  • large marshmallows
  • Speed Stackers graphing pages
  • timer


  1. Using large marshmallows as snowballs, students first predict how many snowballs they can stack in one minute.  Then they race to see how many they can stack.  If their snowball stack falls over, they can rebuild it as many times as they can within the time limit.  They can use their hands to hold the stack to steady it if needed.
  2. When the minute is over, students record their results.
  3.  Students race two more times and record their results.
  4. After the third race, students graph and then interpret their data.

My kids had SO much fun with this activity! They wanted to do it more than just three times.  This game is great to do as a whole class or in small groups.

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