12 YouTube Space Videos for Kids

A collection of solar system videos for kids on YouTube


We’ve spent this week studying outer space and we’ve had a blast. (Pun intended! Ha! ) I’ll be posting in the upcoming days about several things we did during this unit but I have to post first about the thing that was the biggest hit with my kiddos: StoryBots’ space videos.

I honestly can’t believe how much my kids enjoyed watching these! My 5 year old son absolutely loved them and we watched them multiple times each day. My second grade daughter even liked watching them, so much so that she has one whole video totally memorized!

The videos are so cleverly done and contain so much great information.

StoryBots Space Videos:

Other really great space videos we watched this week were:

(Check out this same YouTube channel for other “How to…in Space” videos.)

Kids might enjoy just watching a short portion of this.  It’s stunning, but a little monotonous.

The narration is a bit scientific, but my kids just enjoyed looking at the moon.

I put all these videos together in a playlist on YouTube and you can find them all by clicking here.


    1. You’re so welcome! It can take a long time to wade through YouTube to find quality educational videos, so I’m happy to pass along what I’ve found! 🙂

  1. Wow! I’m seriously obsessed with the Story Bots videos. They are seriously the greatest things ever! Thank you so much!!

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