Christmas Treats

Christmas treats for kids

My daughter recently took at cooking class at our co-op.  She absolutely loved it and learned so much. Now that the class is over, I’ve been trying to give her more opportunities to help me in the kitchen at home. We had the best time making these mini Christmas trees together this weekend.  They’re so simple to make and are perfect for upcoming Christmas parties!

Christmas Tree Treats

Here are the five ingredients you’ll need to make these adorable Christmas treats!

Christmas Tree Treats

small pretzel sticks


dark green candy melts

JUMBO star sprinkles (not small star sprinkles)

small round sprinkles


1. Melt the dark green candy coating according to the package directions.  (I found the candy coating at Hobby Lobby.)

2.  Break a pretzel stick in half.  Dip it into the melted candy coating and then insert it into a Bugle.  Stick the Bugle in the refrigerator for a few minutes for the coating to cool and harden.  I worked in batches on this step.  I put the pretzels in several Bugles at a time and then placed them in the fridge while I worked on another batch.  After about five minutes, remove the pretzels from the fridge.

Christmas Tree Treats

3.  Holding onto the pretzel, dip the Bugle into the melted candy coating and cover it completely.  I used a spoon to pour and spread the candy coating all over.

4.  Add the small round sprinkles to both sides of the Bugle.

Mini Christmas Tree Treats


5.  Place a yellow jumbo star sprinkle on top.  I made one batch using the regular small sprinkles I found at the grocery store.  The small star on top looked okay, but I thought a big star would look much better.  I found these jumbo star sprinkles on Amazon.  They come in a mix of red, blue, green, and yellow stars.  I just used the yellow ones.

Christmas Tree Treats

6.  Allow the coating to cool.  I stuck mine back in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then they were ready to go.

That’s it!  They couldn’t be easier and they’re so delicious, too!  I also made a few where I put a bit of peanut butter inside the Bugle first before inserting the pretzel and coating it.  The combination of the peanut butter, salty Bugle, and sweet candy coating were really yummy.

These little Christmas tree treats a great dessert for kids to make! They might need a little help coating the Bugle, but putting the pretzel inside and adding the sprinkles are easy steps that all ages can do.  My daughter had a lot of fun helping me make these.  I coated them and she added all the sprinkles and stars.

Serve them by themselves or add them to a holiday trail mix.  Either way, they’re sure to be a hit this Christmas!

Christmas Tree Treats

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