Christmas Writing Prompts

Christmas Writing Prompts for Third Grade

Free Christmas Writing Prompts for Any Book

My kids love when I incorporate the holidays into our curriculum. We’ve made so many cute Santas, Rudolphs, and gingerbread houses over the years that Pinterest would be proud.  This year, I’m still going to bring in some Christmas cheer and one way is through these Christmas writing prompts. The great thing about them is that they can be used with almost any book!

Six Christmas Writing Prompts for Any Book

  • Naughty or Nice? –  Divide the characters in the book according to who would be on Santa’s naughty or nice list.  Be sure to explain WHY the character would be on either list.
  • Christmas Wish List – Make a list of gifts the main character might want for Christmas.  Give reasons WHY the character would ask for the items.
  • Gift Giving – Make a list of characters from the story.  If you could give each character a Christmas present, what would it be and WHY? (Optional:  Draw a picture of one of the characters with the gift you give them.)
  • Santa Got Stuck– Santa is stuck in the main character’s chimney.  Explain how the main character and other supporting characters rescue him and what happens next.
  • “Elf”capades -Insert an elf into the story.  Would the elf bring mischief or magic to the story?  Write a brief summary about what would happen. (Optional:  Draw a picture of something the elf does in the story.)
  • North Pole Project– Change the setting of the story to the North Pole.  Write a summary to explain how the change in setting would affect the characters and plot. (Optional:  Draw a picture of your characters in the North Pole.)

My daughter is already so excited to use these.  She peeked over my shoulder as I was making them and said, “I want to do it!”  I can’t wait to see where her imagination goes with them.

I created printables for each of these writing prompts for me and YOU! You can download them for FREE by clicking on the picture below.

Six FREE Christmas Writing Prompts for Any Book

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