Human Body Project for Kids

Human Body Activities for Kids

Human Body Activities for Kids

I’m so excited to share with you my newest TPT product!  I’ll be teaching a human body class this upcoming semester at our local co-op.  I needed a human body project for kids in my class that will allow them to organize and store the information we learn. I came up with this file folder project that does just that!

Human Body Activities for Kids

Using either color or black and white templates, students design the outside of the folder to look like themselves.  The folder opens to reveal a numbered diagram of the human torso and the head lifts up to show the brain.  The labels on each side of the diagram provide summary information about the fourteen labeled body parts.

Human Body Activities for Kids

The best part about this project is that the labels are editable!  I included a Microsoft Word version of the labels that can be edited.  This allows teachers to customize the labels for their students.

Here are a few suggestions for editing the labels:

  • Print the labels as-is from the PDF file. Each label provides a short summary paragraph about the function of each body part.
  • Completely change the wording of the labels to what you want your students to know and remember about each body part.
  • Edit the labels by leaving out words in each paragraph. Insert blanks for students to fill in the missing information.
  • Remove the numbers and text. Have students identify the body parts by writing the correct number it matches on the label. They also write their own summary information.
  • Completely remove the text to make blank labels. Have students write their own summary paragraph about each body part or copy a summary you provide.

Human Body Project for Kids

There are two sets of labels: small labels and large labels that overlap.  The large labels provide a bit more room for writing.

See the Product in Action!

I made a short video showing how to make this project.  I hope it also gives you a better look at the product itself.

You can find this engaging human body project for kids in my TPT store by clicking here!

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  1. Amazing work…I love it…my son is 7 years old and he likes english project like this…we live in a non english speaking country so I appreciate your sharing…thank you so much

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