Easter Writing Paper

Easter Writing Activity: Easter Bunny Card Printable

I grow restless every February.  By this time of year, I’ve had my feel of cold, gray days and snow.  I can’t wait for spring to be here fast enough!  Since spring has been on my mind, I decided to start creating some resources for these much awaited warmer months.  I hope you love this Easter writing paper and card as much as I do.

Easter Bunny Card


  • bunny card template
  • white paper
  • pink paper
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • crayons, colored pencils, or markers


  1. Print the eyes template first.  A few things to note: The eyes look close to the edge of the paper, but my printer leaves a small margin at the edges so the distance between the eyes ends up being perfect. When I print, I select “fit”.  If you select “actual size” when printing, the very outside of each eye will be cut off.  Also, my website address is only on these images and is not on the actual card templates.
  2. Print this template on the back.  You may leave the back blank if you want students to write their own message inside the card.
  3. Turn the paper so the inside of the card is showing.  Measure 5.5 inches to the center of the paper and make a light mark with a pencil.
  4. Fold each side into the middle of the paper, but do not overlap.  Erase the pencil mark on the inside of the card. 
  5. Print the bunny nose on pink paper.  Cut it out and glue it ONLY to the left flap of the card so both flaps can be opened.
  6. Print the bunny ear templates on white and pink paper.  Cut them out and glue the pink template on top of the white ears.  Glue the ears to the back of the card.  I think it’s cute to fold the tip of one ear down a bit.  
  7.  Open the card and write or draw a message inside.  Another option is to make the card blank on the inside for students to write an Easter or bunny story instead.

Easter Writing Paper

Use the bunny ears and nose template from the card to make this adorable Easter writing paper, too!

Easter Writing Paper

Students may write the title of their story on the blank space below the bunny’s nose.  Use this paper with any of these story starter ideas or one of your own:

  • Bunny’s Big Day
  • The Easter Bunny’s Lost Eggs
  • Bunny’s Ears Save the Day
  • The Easter Bunny’s Missing Basket
  • The Night Before Easter
  • The Best Easter Ever


This bunny card and Easter writing paper are included in my Spring Writing Prompts resource for K-2.  It’s filled with over 40 writing prompts for March, April, and May.  It also includes several more writing crafts that make great bulletin board or hallway displays.  Click on any picture to learn more!


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