Kindness Bulletin Board Idea

Kindness Bulletin Board Idea

Are you looking for a way to create a culture of kindness in your school or classroom? Here is a kindness bulletin board idea to help develop and encourage kindness all year long. Make kindness cool in your school!

Kindness Bulletin Board Idea

How to Make the Bulletin Board

  1. Cut out letters to spell the phrase “Kindness is Cool in Our School” and attach them to the bulletin board.
  2. Print fish templates on colorful paper and cut out. I suggest using at least one or more fish per student.
  3. Cut long strips of crepe paper/streamers and twist them to make the seaweed at the bottom. I used a light green and a regular green color.

Creating a Culture of Kindness

Here are some ideas for how to use this bulletin board to develop and encourage kindness in your classroom:

  • Use the fish templates during a character education lesson about kindness. Have students write something about kindness on a fish. Writing prompt ideas include how they can be kind to others, why kindness is important, what kindness looks like, or what kindness sounds like. Create the bulletin board and display their fish.
  • Encourage kindness all year long! Create the bulletin board without the fish. When you see an act of kindness in your classroom, write the student’s name and what they did on a fish and add it to the bulletin board. You might have students do this, too. Keep adding fish throughout the school year to see how large your school of fish can be!
  • Create a kindness jar. Add a fish cracker to the jar when you see an act of kindness in your classroom. Set a goal for how many fish to get in the jar and then celebrate when your students reach it!
  • Recognize special acts of kindness by letting students wear a special bracelet throughout the day or by giving them a certificate.
  • Make it a school-wide initiative! Use large letters to create a hallway display. Teachers and/or students throughout the entire school add fish to it as they see acts of kindness in their classroom or school. Set a school-wide goal. Can your school of fish reach the principal’s office, the cafeteria or the gym by the end of the year?

Interested in creating this bulletin board in your school or classroom? All of the templates and printables shown here are included in the kindness bulletin board kit in my TPT store.

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