Paper Bag Turkey Craft


I love seeing all the cute turkey crafts pop up in my Pinterest feed this time of year.  Handprint turkeys, footprint turkeys, paper plate turkeys, turkey hats…there’s just so many ways to make an adorable turkey!  My kids are a bit too old for those kinds of crafts but they’ve been begging to make a turkey. […]

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Easy Polar Bear Cookies

Kids will love making these easy polar bear cookies during a polar bear or arctic animal study this winter!

I’m working on a polar bear unit even though winter isn’t quite here yet.  I wanted to go ahead and share this idea for super simple polar bear cookies.  All you need is four ingredients and a few minutes to make them! Polar Bear Cookie Ingredients cream filled cookies (Mega Stuffed or Double Stuffed Oreos work […]

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Number Sight Words

Fun Ways to Teach Number Sight Words Without Worksheets

Very early on in our math curriculum I knew my kids were going to need to know their number sight words pretty quickly. They were required to read and write numbers in words right off the bat and that’s hard to do if you don’t know them! So, I set out to teach the number […]

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Insect Videos for Kids

A collection of insect videos for kids that are perfect for your bug unit!

As we studied about insects, I searched YouTube again for engaging, high-quality videos that would complement our unit. I was looking for videos that explain insect traits and characteristics, as well as videos about specific insects.  Here is a small sample of what I found.  You can find all thirty-three videos on my Insect Videos […]

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Graphing Game Printable

Bug Hunt Graphing Game Printable- A fun graphing activity for an insect unit!

Here’s a fun graphing game printable that is perfect for an insect unit or to use when students are learning to graph.  Students move around the game board, collect bugs on their hunt, and graph their results! Materials: Going on a Bug Hunt game board game pieces (buttons, coins, etc.) paper clip pencil bug hunt […]

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Bee Craft Template

Free Printable Torn Paper Bee Template and Writing Activity

The weather is finally warming up, flowers are blooming, and we’re all abuzz about insects!  I’ve just wrapped up a huge insect unit.  As part of the unit, we learned why insects are important, with a particular focus on bees.  Bees are so critical for the pollination of our fruits and vegetables.  They also provide […]

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Weather Playdough Mats

These free printable weather playdough mats are a fun complement to a weather unit study!

I’m so excited to share this post with you because this activity was such a huge hit in our house!  My kids love playing with playdough even at the ages of seven and ten.  While playdough mats are usually used in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, I thought I’d create some just for fun and see […]

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