Plant Videos for Students

Plant Videos for Kids
Plant Videos for Kids

For every unit that we do, I always head straight to YouTube to try to incorporate videos as part of our learning. This time I searched for plant videos for students that touched on many of the important concepts we were studying. After an extensive search, I finally found some great videos!

What’s Inside a Seed?

Have your students ever wondered what’s inside a seed? This videos takes a look at the inside of a bean and teaches about all the parts of a seed.

How Seeds Travel

Seeds can’t pedal scooters or ride bikes, so how do they move? This cute song gives examples of how seeds travel.

This video presents different types of seeds, asks how they might travel, and then pauses before giving the answer.  I love that it gives students an opportunity to apply their knowledge by choosing the method they think each seed uses.

 Parts of a Plants

Dr. Binocs teaches students the parts of a plant and what each part does.

Harry Kindergarten videos never disappoint! He teaches students the parts of a plant and their jobs with this rhyming song. Kids will love acting out the parts of a plant at the end of the video.

This precious claymation video labels the parts of a plant as it grows.

The artists walks students through the steps to draw and label their own plant. This is a great activity to include in your plant unit!

Plants’ Needs

Harry Kindergarten delivers again with this song about the different things plants need to survive. He touches on water, air, soil, sunlight and space to grow. 

Plant Life Cycle

SciShow Kids provides a great explanation of the plant life cycle.

I think this just might be my favorite plant video! It shows a time-lapse of a bean growing over a twenty-five day period. You see what’s happening above and below the soil. It’s fascinating!

Plant Experiments

This videos walks students through setting up an experiment in which they modify growing conditions of some of the seeds to see what happens. For example, one seed is planted in sand instead of soil, and another seed isn’t watered.

What happened to the plants in the previous video? This video provides a follow-up to the experiments in which some of the plants’ needs weren’t met.

How does water get from the ground all the way into the plant’s leaves? Learn how by completing this color-changing celery experiment!

Plant Videos Playlist

Find all of these videos plus over 30 more on my Plant Videos for Students playlist on YouTube by clicking here. It also includes videos about carnivorous plants, pollination and photosynthesis.

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