Halloween Math Activities

Halloween math worksheets

I wanted to tell you a little about my newest TPT product:  Halloween Math for Kindergarten and First Grade.

This product contains 28 printable Halloween math activities and games.  They’re great to use for math centers, morning work, homework, or for early finishers.  They also require almost no teacher preparation.  A few of the games need dice to play, paper clips to use as a spinner with a pencil, or Halloween candy to use as counters.  That’s it!

All of the activities are aligned to Common Core Math Standards for kindergarten and first grade.  They’re listed in the bottom left-hand corner of each page.  The picture below lists the skills that are covered.

I’ve been using them with my first grader to review skills and he’s loving them!  I think his favorite so far has been Halloween Humor.  Students solve addition and/or subtraction problems and use their answers to find out the ghost’s favorite ride at the fair. Do you want to know what it is???  The scary-go-round! 🙂

Halloween Math Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

If you click on the preview of the product in my TPT store, you can look at ALL of the pages included in the file, all 49 of them!

As a thank you for your interest and support in my blog and TPT store, I’d love to give you a free sample activity from this pack!

Free Halloween Math Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade

This activity has students identify true and false equations.  Students color in the bubbles with true equations, and place an “X” on the equations that are false. There are two options of this sheet.  One focuses on addition and subtraction of numbers to 10.  The other covers addition and subtraction of number to 20.

If your students are older than kindergarten or first grade, use the same concept of this activity with your students.  Have them draw a picture of a vat with bubbles coming out of it.  Next, have them write true and false equations of whatever kind you specify (larger numbers, fractions, etc.) in the bubbles.  Then, have them exchange with a partner and have the partner color in the bubbles with true equations and mark out the false equations.

Download Witch’s Brew: False or True? for free by clicking on the picture above.

I hope this math activity is fun and engaging for your students.  Happy Halloween!



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