Reading Challenge for Kids

Whenever my son finishes a book he loves, I know the question he’ll ask me next: “Has the author written any other books?”  Most of the time the answer is yes. We add the author’s other books to our list and check them out on our next library trip.  He finds so many amazing books this way.

Thinking about how he discovers new books led me to create this reading challenge for kids.  Introducing students to beloved children’s authors and new favorites opens the door to so many wonderful books!

Amazing Authors A to Z Reading Challenge for Kids

In the “Amazing Authors A to Z Reading Challenge”, students read books by 26 different authors* with last names beginning with each letter of the alphabet. (*For X, they read an “eX-tra” author of their choice.)  The challenge exposes students to a variety authors and illustrators, which in turn encourages reading across genres.

I created two separate book lists for lower and upper elementary.  These lists are not meant to be exhaustive.  There are more wonderful authors out there that I simply did not have the space to list! I tried to include both classic and modern authors that have written multiple books.

I suggest allowing students to read books that interest them.  Use the list as a reference if they need suggestions of authors with last names beginning with certain letters.  Even outside of this challenge, these lists may be given to parents who want suggestions of great books to read to their children.

Younger students keep track of the authors they read by coloring in the first letter of the authors’ last name of the recording sheet.  Older students list the authors of the books they read on a different recording sheet.  Upon completion of the reading challenge, students might choose one author to study further and fill out one of the two author reports.

Reading Challenge for Kids

How to Use the Reading Challenge

  • Summer reading challenge
  • Independent reading during the school year
  • Encourage reading during school breaks through the year (fall break, Christmas, spring break, etc.)
  • Challenge students who usually finish their work quickly
  • Read alouds by the parents at home (for younger students)
  • Read alouds by the teacher
  • School-wide reading challenge

However you use this challenge, I hope it’s a fun and exciting way to encourage your readers!

Click HERE to Download the Reading Challenge

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