S’mores Craft for Kids

Last summer we put in a small fire pit area in our backyard.  We love using it and almost every time we have a fire going we make S’mores.  As I added the ingredients to my recent grocery list, inspiration struck and this easy S’mores craft for kids was born!

S’mores Writing Craft for Kids


  • brown paper lunch sack
  • dark brown construction paper
  • templates
  • brown marker
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • pencil


S'mores Craft for Kids

  1.  Fold a brown paper lunch sack in half. Draw a line down the middle of the front with a brown marker. Make brown dots on each side of the line to resemble a graham cracker. 
  2. Print the chocolate template on dark brown construction paper. Cut it out and glue it on top of the open paper bag. 
  3. Print the marshmallow writing templates and cut out. Write the steps for how to make S’mores on them.  
  4. Put the marshmallow templates together in the correct order. Place them on top of the paper bag.  Fold the paper bag over the marshmallow templates. 
  5. Staple down the left-hand side of the paper bag to complete the book.

Use these books as a fun writing activity this summer, or include them in your camping unit. They turn out adorable and are so easy to make. I love having students make books they can take home to read to their family.

Click Here to Download the S’mores Paper Bag Book Templates

Need more fun writing activities this summer?  This S’mores paper bag book is included in my Summer Writing Prompts resource for kindergarten, first and second grade.

It contains over 40 meaningful writing prompts for June and July.  The prompts cover a variety of types of writing such as stories, lists, letters, how-to, poems, and more.  Most of the prompts are print and go, but there’s several writing crafts included, too.  Click on the pictures to learn more!


  1. Thank u so much.
    As a parent I dont have time for the overwhelming sites that said they have free printables.
    This site is legit and easy to use. Thank thank thank !!!

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