Back to School Writing Craft

I love a good craft that’s meaningful and adorable!  This back to school writing craft is a fun way for students to write about themselves. Read through them to get to know your students, or share a book each day with your class for students to learn more about each other.  Display them on students’ desks at open house or send them home with students to share with their families.

Back to School Writing Craft

These easy-to-make books are perfect for preschool through first grade. Assemble the books beforehand or have students help put them together.  I suggest at least cutting out the booklet shape for students.  Then, they might glue on the crayons and their name.

I included two writing page options.  One has space for students to just draw pictures.  This option is great for preschool or students who aren’t writing yet. The second option includes a wide writing line.

Each booklet page is ¼ of a piece of printer paper. It only takes two pieces of printer paper to make each booklet! Print the writing pages front-to-back. You can leave out the title page if you want.

Back to School Writing Craft

Students draw or write about their family, friends, and what they want to do when they grow up.  They also write about some of their favorite things:

  • food
  • color
  • animal
  • sport
  • place
  • subject
  • book
  • TV show
  • movie

Customize It!

This booklet is in a Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx file type so you can edit it.  Type your students’ names in the ovals for the front cover, or edit the booklet pages to include different categories.

Easily change the booklet into a small journal by using blank paper instead of the writing pages.  Just cut one or more pieces of white printer paper into fourths and staple inside the books.

This writing craft is available in my TPT store. It includes the editable templates, step-by-step directions with pictures, and printing and editing tips. Click here to take a look!

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