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How to Make an Apple Pie Writing Activity with Free Prinable

No apple unit is complete without reading How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman. With the market closed, the little girl travels around the world to get the ingredients for her apple pie in this beautiful book.  Watch and listen to the story being read in this video:

After reading the book, one of my favorite apple writing activities is for students to write about how to make an apple pie.  I created this apple pie booklet as a part of my apple unit.  Students write each step on a template and then staple them together to make the pie-shaped booklet.

FREE Apple Writing Activity
FREE Apple Writing Activity

You might walk through the writing process together with your students or have them complete it on their own. Even beginning writers can enjoy this activity.  Their pieces might not have as much detail, but it’s a good way to get them introduced to informational writing.  It’s also helpful for them to learn transition words like first, next, then, and last.

You might even look at a real apple pie recipe together before students start writing.


Watch this adorable video that also walks them through the steps of making an apple pie:

Download this FREE Resource!

You can download this apple writing activity for FREE in my TPT store by clicking HERE.  I hope it’s a fun and engaging addition to your apple unit or writing lessons!

FREE Apple Writing Activity


  1. Thank you so much! I am trying to select a variety of writing options to add to my collection. I find it is the hardest piece of curriculum to show growth within the school year.

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