Parts of a Plant Activity

Your students are in for a treat with this parts of a plant activity! Students use a lollipop, yarn and construction paper to create a model of the parts of a plant. It’s the perfect craft to include in your plant unit!

Parts of a Plant Activity


  • Tootsie Roll ® sucker
  • colored construction paper
  • green paint and paintbrush OR green marker
  • brown twine or yarn
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • liquid glue (also stick glue if adding labels)
  • clear tape


Paint the sucker stick with green paint and set aside to dry. Optional: Color the stick with a green marker.

Cut a flower out of construction paper. I made mine about four inches wide. Make a hole in the center of the flower using a hole punch.

Place the sucker stick down through the hole in the flower. Wrap a small amount of clear tape around the stick under the flower.

Cut leaves out of green construction paper. Roll a piece of clear tape up so it’s sticky all around. Tape the leaves to the sucker stick underneath the flower.

Cut two pieces of brown twine or yarn 12 inches long. Cut two more pieces 5-6 inches long each.

Add a small amount of liquid glue to the end of the sucker stick. Tie the two 12 inch pieces of twine/yarn to the stick over the glue. Let the glue dry. Once dried, it will keep the twine/yarn from slipping off the stick.

Tie the two smaller pieces of twine/yarn to two of the longer pieces of twine/yarn to resemble spreading roots.

Labeling the Parts of a Plant

If you want students to label the parts of the plant, have them use a marker and a white piece of paper to make the labels. They might also type the labels, print and then cut them out.

Flower & leaves labels: Simply use a marker to write the names on the flower and leaves.

Roots & stem labels: Make a label for the roots and stem. I suggest making them about two inches long and half an inch wide. Rub stick glue along the back of the labels. Fold the labels in half over the twine/yarn and sucker stick to secure them inside the label. Write the names on the labels.

Fruit & seed label: Make a one label for the fruit and seed. The sweet sucker represents the fruit, and the seed is the Tootsie Roll inside! I made my label one inch long and 3/4 inch wide. Roll up a piece of clear tape so that it’s sticky all around. Tape the label to the sucker.

parts of a plant activity made with a Tootsie Roll pop

Send the lollipops home with students. Encourage them to show family or friends their lollipop and tell them what they’ve learned about plants. Then, they can eat the treat!

Printable Templates

This model is a great STEAM activity to do when you’re studying plants. Present students with the materials and tell them to use them to make a model to show all the parts of a plant. You might explain to them beforehand that the sucker will represent the fruit, seed and stem. Then let their creativity bloom!

parts of a plant activity

This fun activity is a part of my plant unit for K-1. I do have all the templates and labels available separately in my TPT store if you’re interested in making models just like the one I’ve pictured in this post.

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