Science Word Wall Ideas

I always incorporate a word wall into every science unit or theme we study. We call the science vocabulary “Wow Words”. I encourage my kids to use them when they write about a topic. These words make the reader say, “Wow, you know a lot about _______” or “Wow, I learned a lot about _______ […]

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S’mores Craft for Kids

Last summer we put in a small fire pit area in our backyard.  We love using it and almost every time we have a fire going we make S’mores.  As I added the ingredients to my recent grocery list, inspiration struck and this easy S’mores craft for kids was born! S’mores Writing Craft for Kids […]

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Reading Challenge for Kids

Whenever my son finishes a book he loves, I know the question he’ll ask me next: “Has the author written any other books?”  Most of the time the answer is yes. We add the author’s other books to our list and check them out on our next library trip.  He finds so many amazing books […]

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Easter Writing Paper

I grow restless every February.  By this time of year, I’ve had my feel of cold, gray days and snow.  I can’t wait for spring to be here fast enough!  Since spring has been on my mind, I decided to start creating some resources for these much awaited warmer months.  I hope you love this […]

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Penguin STEM Activities

Two fun penguin STEM activities for kids: penguin belly slides and tobogganing races #penguins #penguinskids #winteractivitiesforkids #stem

Penguins love to toboggan, or slide, on their bellies.  It’s faster and not to mention more fun than waddling along the ice all day.  Here are two penguin STEM activities about tobogganing to get your students creating and building this winter. They’re perfect for young learners just getting started with STEM. Both STEM challenges use […]

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Mayflower Craft Template

Paper plates and popsicle sticks create a moving Mayflower craft your students will love. It’s a great craft to do when learning about the Pilgrims or the first Thanksgiving.  Want to take the craft a step further?  Have students write a few sentences about the Mayflower or the Pilgrim’s journey on the back of the plate. […]

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Spider Web Scavenger Hunt

Spider Web Scavenger Hunt | Spider Activities for Kids | Types of Spider Webs

This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend.  Read my full disclosure statement. When planning for my upcoming spider unit, I wondered just how many different types of spider webs I could find around my house.  I wanted to take pictures for students to see, so I went on a little spider web scavenger […]

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Egg Carton Math Games First Grade

Egg Carton Math Games for First Grade. Perfect for Math Centers!

Many elementary teachers use math centers in their classrooms.  They’re fun and engaging ways to review math concepts or extend instruction.  However, it’s often time consuming to put them together, and they usually only cover one math skill. Here’s an easy solution:  Make 22 math centers in a matter of minutes using something I’m pretty sure you have sitting […]

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Place Value Games for First Grade

Place Value Games 1st Grade

I love incorporating games into math as much as possible.  Who doesn’t love playing games, right?!  But the problem with games is that they often require quite a bit of prep work for us teachers.  I’ve been trying to come up with some that require little to no preparation to use.  I’m so excited to […]

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Compare and Contrast for First Grade

Compare and Contrast Activities | Compare and Contrast First Grade

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend.  Read my full disclosure statement. During our recent polar bear unit, I came across the most adorable book called Polar Opposites. It’s an amusing story about how Alex the polar bear and Zina the penguin are complete opposites, yet are able to be friends and enjoy a […]

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