Winter Phonics Worksheets: Making Words

Free Winter Word Work Printables

When I taught public school, our school used the Four Blocks Literacy Model for reading and writing.  The four blocks are guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words (phonics).  One of the activities both my students and I always enjoyed was simply called “Making Words”.  Students were given a big word (which was […]

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Seven Continents Song

Students will know the names of all seven continents in no time with this fun song.

Right before the Christmas break, we wrapped up a huge thematic unit I created on animals. We were taken on a fun adventure around the world by Bert the Animal Expert, where we learned about a different animal group on each continent.  We studied amphibians, reptiles, spiders, mammals, insects, fish, and birds. We also learned […]

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Simplifying Fractions Worksheet and Template

Six Questions to Ask When Simplifying Fractions with Printable Template

I’ve dubbed this school year “The Year of Fractions” for my daughter.  She’s currently in Singapore Math 4A and she’s been working with fractions almost since the beginning of school.  She’s been adding and subtracting them, writing them as mixed numbers, changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, and simplifying them to boot. When it came […]

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